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Rezeption der Antike

Herausgegeben von Kai Brodersen, Klaus Freitag, Jörg Fündling, Martin Lindner, Fritz Mitthof, Peter Van Nuffelen, Susanna Phillippo.

The series is dedicated to the ever more important research of classical reception. A wide understanding of the term is chosen, ranging from the antiquity’s classical reception via historical and modern popular reception to the meta-level covered by the history of science and the history of ideas.

The main focus is on the Classics and their related subjects. Given the necessary cross-over, all other reception studies are equally addressed.

A complex and varied phenomenon such as classical reception, this is the fundamental underlying idea of the project, can only be understood by means of a broad knowledge of the sources, their tradition and the context of their reception.

Thus, the series continues an approach which has previously been pursued successfully through various titles by Verlag Antike.

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Martin Lindner (Hg.), Antikenrezeption 2013 n.Chr.

€ 36,00 [D], November 2013, Lieferbar
163 Seiten, Broschur
ISBN: 978-3-938032-65-7
Rezeption der Antike, Bd. 1

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Angelo Giavatto and Federico Santangelo (Eds.), La Retorica e la Scienza dell'Antico. Lo Stile dei Classicisti Italiani nel Ventesimo Secolo – Between Rhetoric and Classical Scholarship. The Style of Italian Classicists in the Twentieth Century

€ 36,00 [D], Dezember 2013, Lieferbar
175 Seiten, Broschur
ISBN: 978-3-938032-66-4
Rezeption der Antike, Bd. 2

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