Sara Saba
The Astynomoi Law of Pergamon. A New Commentary

1 Introduction
2 History of the Studies, Chronology and the Purpose of the Lwa
3 Edition and Translation of the Astynomoi Law
3.1 Edition
3.2 Translation
4 Commentary on the Text of the Astynomoi Law
5 The Astynomoi
5.1 The Astynomoi and Pergamon
5.2 The Astynomi and the Greek World
5.2.1 The Athenian Astynomi
5.2.2 Cycladic Islands Keos Tenos Delos Rhodes
5.2.3 Western and Central Anatolia
5.2.4 Black Sea
5.2.5 Macedonia and Thrace
5.2.6 Conclusion
6 Perspectives: Astynomoi in the Greek World and Other Magistrates with Comparable Duties
7 The Astynomoi Law and its Value
8 Appendix: The Astynomikos Monobiblos
9 Corpora and Epigraphic Reference Works
10 Bibliography
11 Indices

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Die helle­nisti­sche Polis als Lebens­form, Bd. 6

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