Andreas Bagordo
FrC 1.1 Alkimenes - Kantharos

Ian C. Storey, BMCR 2014.01.15

„Bagordo has done a thorough and commendable job of presenting a great deal of material in the prescribed format of the series. In the notes I found his citation of relevant passages to be select and judicious, his use of previous scholarship thorough, and his judgement solid and usually on the mark.“

„ (...) a worthy addition to a series that is making all of Old Comedy more readily available to serious students in the field.“


Cover: FrC 1.1  Alkimenes - Kantharos, Verlag Antike e.K.

Juli 2014, Lieferbar
€ 75,00 [D], 292 Seiten
Gebunden, mit Fadenheftung
ISBN: 978-3-938032-68-8
Fragmenta Comica, Bd. 1.1

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Reihe: Fragmenta Comica

Verlag Antike

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