Christian Orth
FrC 9.2 Aristomenes - Metagenes

Stephen E. Kidd, Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft, LXVIII. Band, Juli/Oktober 2015, 3./4. Heft, Sp. 178-180

„(...) the great deal of information that he gathers and analyzes so well is not only highly useful for those studying comedy but also anyone in pursuit of such information not just via alphabetical lexica, encyclopedias, and thematic articles but via commentaries - which have the added benefit of arranging such information alongside (and through) surviving texts. This is a vital purpose for these comic commentaries whatever those original lost comedies actually were.“

Cover: FrC 9.2  Aristomenes - Metagenes, Verlag Antike e.K.

September 2014, Lieferbar
€ 90,00 [D], 538 Seiten
Gebunden, mit Fadenheftung
ISBN: 978-3-938032-70-1
Fragmenta Comica, Bd. 9.2

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Reihe: Fragmenta Comica

Verlag Antike

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